Understanding the needs of the Client is primary to Land CM. We offer an array of services that best fits those needs to facilitate a successful Project.

Land CM will successfully manage all facets related to the project either in the private sector or public Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), transportation planning, technology applications, and special studies. We are skilled in formulating initial planning strategies, project development, advocacy, implementation, and final acceptance. Land CM has the experience and knowledge to manage the Project through all its phases.

Strategic Planning

Land CM is skilled in developing strategic action plans that provide a positive outcome and involve key stakeholders. Each project has unique issues in addition to the basic components. Successful project planning helps to anticipate the required actions, their schedules, and the needed resources.

Project Development

We guide the development of a project through planning, environmental, design, and implementation to reach its successful completion. We build on proven techniques and look for new opportunities in the use of technology and the emerging “green” applications that support recycling and energy efficiencies.

Project Advocacy and Consensus Building

As a project manager, Land CM assumes the role as a champion for the project. It is important to clearly communicate the goals and objectives the project will achieve in building a consensus between stakeholders and other community groups that might benefit from or support the project. Shared interests help a project compete for funding, acceptance, and maintain the momentum required to deliver the project.

Select and Manage Professional Consulting Team

Many projects require a “team” of professional consultants. Land CM Principals will identify the “right” team of consultants to match the project requirements and will effectively manage those consultants throughout the project.

Intergovernmental Coordination and Approvals

Land CM specializes in working with public agencies (i.e. Cities, County, Caltrans, SCAG, FHWA, & utilities) and the various State and Federal funding programs. We recognize that there are policies and procedures that must be followed to obtain project approvals. Land CM is also experienced in obtaining authorization to expense funds and in processing for final reimbursements or release of bonds.


Funding is the most critical aspect in the project’s initial planning. Land CM specializes in developing project funding strategies to optimize local funding with matching Regional (Local Sales Tax), State, and Federal programs. In addition to applications, Land CM is knowledgeable in preparing the documentation required to receive authorization to proceed, preparing audit report entries, progress payment invoices, and other required documentation for each program.

Other Project Management Services:

  • Project Facilitation and Troubleshooting
  • Utility and Governmental Liaison
  • Marketing, Community Outreach, and Educational Programs
  • Assistance in staff report preparation and presentations to City Council/Commission
  • Budget Preparation
  • Annual reports
  • Development of "Green" Alternatives